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Pump track Groß-Umstadt

A modern sports facility for as many different users as possible. This pump track impresses with its well-thought-out track layout and a specially designed track for those in wheelchairs and on balance bikes.

One for all!

Groß-Umstadt is home to a pump track and a handicapped-accessible practice track for wheelchairs and balance bikes on an area of approx. 1,300 m2. On this large-scale facility, the local community enjoys experiencing sports collectively.

The competition-tested pump track offers enough challenges to ensure that even ambitious riders have fun. However, it was still important to the municipality to create an offer suitable for those who are often overlooked. Here, wheelchair users can easily reach the pump track via barrier-free entrances and complete their first laps on the practice track. There is no danger of tipping over on the specially created section.

This level of safety also enables parents to introduce their youngest children to the pump track using a balance bike. While the parents or older siblings are doing laps on the large pump track, the little ones learn how to control balance and speed.