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Many people in our modern society love movement and communication with others. So, it is not surprising that we are increasingly looking for sporting activities not only in clubs but in everyday life. Modern sports facilities are both social meeting-points and open spaces for movement. The concept of the pump track takes up this philosophy or rather addresses this challenge.

We are familiar with multifunctionality from the daily use of a smartphone. Versatility and efficiency are attributes which are considered to be sustainable for a reason. The pump track as a facility concept applies these aspects to the world of sports. As a multi-sport facility, 'it' not only optimally utilizes free space but also appeals to a vast following of (roller) sports enthusiasts. As the World Pump Track Association, we seek to promote the pump track and its concept. We are convinced that it is time for a shift in perspective. Moving away from sporting facilities that focus only on one user group and towards a multi-sport concept that appeals to many users.

Individual Sports

Building Communities

We live in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world. Our lifestyles and needs are changing rapidly. A development that does not stop with the world of sports. Where there used to be popular sports, there are countless individual sports today. We are convinced that the pump track is the answer to these changes. It provides an answer to the question of how to bring together numerous modern sports in one place and thus re-connect people in the 'digital age' in real life.

What do we aim to achieve?

A pump track for every city and municipality worldwide. To socially anchor the popular sport of pump track riding irrespective of the sports equipment and to promote it as a top-class sport.

Our Goals


  • Pump track riding is intended to establish itself as a popular sport in society. Fun, action, and movement connect sports enthusiasts.
  • From our point of view, too little is happening. That is why we are keen to promote the construction of several thousand pump track facilities as a sports infrastructure worldwide.
  • In doing so, we would like to draw public attention to ourselves. To enable us to achieve our goals, we organise championships and competitions. Like a beacon, these direct the attention to this movement that involves all sports equipment.


  • Millions of people are to be animated to more movement by the possibility of riding on a pump track with their roller sports equipment. No matter if bike, skateboard, longboard, scooter, inline skates, wheelchair or other sports equipment, everyone can participate.
  • Societal diseases are a growing problem. The pump track helps to prevent and alleviate the following:
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • lack of exercise
    • obesity
    • social phobia
    • lack of concentration
    • ADHD
    • media addiction
  • Children and teenagers need support to develop their personalities and to grow as a person. Here, the individual sport of 'pump track riding'provides important positive impulses.


  • The WPTA bundles all competencies and supports the realisation of new projects through its consulting services. All project phases can be considered:
    • design consulting,
    • during the building implementation,
    • for all factors that allow regular operation,
    • for questions regarding maintenance and servicing
  • Standstill is regression. Instead, we concentrate on progress. The development of materials, design, and procedures play an important role and must, therefore, be strongly supported.
  • A modern sports facility should not pose a threat to its users. Therefore, it is even more important that acceptance by independent testing bodies takes place in every case
  • Uncertainty and misunderstandings are not uncommon when people encounter something new. The World Pump Track Association sets the direction and defines uniform facility standards and rules of use worldwide. Additionally, new competition formats can be established, and motivated athletes and supporters of pump tracks are given a reliable platform for their commitment.

Consulting, Coaching & Events

  • The WPTA supports and organises pump track events, races, championships, and charity events. They promote the social acceptance of pump tracks and are an essential element in achieving our goals.
  • The more people use pump tracks, the more people will appreciate receiving professional guidance.The training and certification of riding technique coaches, trainers and instructors are intended to ensure that a high standard is achieved.
  • The WPTA sees itself as a meeting place and networking platform for industry representatives.
  • A significant concern of the association is to support sports, social and health policy decision-makers. You can benefit from the many years of experience and accumulated expertise of the association.
  • Pump tracks are part of a more extensive development. We provide advice for sustainable development of cities and their infrastructure concerning cycling-related sports.

Community strengthens.

This notion is especially true if you want to establish a 'niche sport' as a popular sport. Therefore, the WPTAaims to build a network that promotes the advantages and benefitsof pump tracks worldwideand to increase the visibility of this multi-sports facility.

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