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Pump Track Bike Partner – VPACE

With good equipment pump tracking is even more fun. If you decide to use a bicycle, a model from our partner VPACE is ready for all pump tracks in the world.

The outstanding feature of the pump track is its multifunctionality. Those who are at the pump track for the first time are faced with the agony of choice. Which equipment do I enjoy most? Even many experienced riders like to change the sports gear between sessions.

If you prefer to go pump-tracking by bike, you might find what you are looking for at our partner VPACE. This German company has a whole range of different bikes on offer. From road bikes to gravel bikes and mountain bikes, the line-up is aimed at sporty riders who value high-quality components and individuality. The Swabians pay special attention to their large selection of kidsbikes.

The mountain bikes, gravel bikes and dirt bikes are available in the right frame sizes for children over 1.05 m tall. The high quality of the components used also ensures the best action and top performance for children.

The DANNY24 dirt bike is perfect for fast laps and safe jumps on the pump track. Its special geometry makes it very easy to handle and playful in its handling. So all kids from a size of 1.35 m upwards have access to a lightweight and competition-ready bike that is guaranteed not to let them down. And of course, as befits a dirt bike - with low-maintenance single-speed drive.