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hello yellow pump track Linz

The hello yellow pump track in the capital of Upper Austria is well received. As a company sports facility for the Schachermayer company, the facility motivates the employees to go outside and enjoy the pleasure of sports together.

The race is on! Company sports on the pump track

If you enjoy hanging out with your friends, but also don't want to miss the sporting competition, then Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, is the place to be. There is a pump track on the premises of Schachermayer-GroƟhandelsgesellschaft Ltd.

As a wholesaler for wood and metal processing companies, the company has over 2000 employees. For the managing directors Gerd and Josef Schachermayer, the employee's health and cohesion are at the forefront of this project. With its future-oriented approach, an asphalt pump track is well suited to the company and promotes cycling in the region.

The pump track in Linz consists of two mirrored tracks, which lie next to each other like wings of a butterfly. This setup is an invitation for a little race. There is no need for a stopwatch to determine who was faster directly.

In addition, this track design guarantees that the pump track is still fun when, on a beautiful day, especially many people go pump track riding. Then the two parts can be ridden on independently of each other, while the wide middle part allows you to overtake without danger.


An additional balance bike track has been built to ensure that the little ones don't get bored and can practice for the big track. Slightly raised, they can use the track with smaller waves and banked turns.

Especially on days with many visitors, it is worthwhile to come back in the evening. A floodlight system greatly extends the days in Linz. Especially in spring and autumn, the pump track can thus be used until 10 pm despite the darkness.